The Farm
Here at Old McCaskill's Farm, there is always something going on! From daily chores, feeding the animals, and preparing farm-to-table meals (lunch on Fridays).

Although the farm is not an interactive one, we encourage our guests to roam the grounds freely. 
Edibles From The Farm
Canning Items
Freeze Dried Foods

Also Carrying
Goat Cheese
Real Butter
Local Honey
Rice & Grits
Raw Free Milk
Ashley's Prepared Meals & Dips
& other local products
A border collie to keep 'em straight
A great pyreneese to protect 'em
And corgies to keep 'em company
Sheep of course
Free range chickens and guineas
Goats, Cows and
a Horse (which is mostly a pasture ornament)
All of our animals are raised antibiotic and medication free. Our feed is a special non-medicated formula ground from corn, soybean meal, and cottonseed. 

The animals are periodically checked through the Famacha system and selectively wormed. They also consume free choice mineral. Furthermore, all of our meats and sausages are preservative-free.

We are as close to organic as one can get without being certified.
Our flock is a closed flock for biosecurity purposes. We want to know that our animals are at no risk from outside diseases.
We Also Carry Many Products in our Farm Store

- Gifts
-How-To Books related to Farming
- Local Products
-Fresh Vegetables raised here on
Old McCaskill's Farm (seasonal)
-100% Wool Products
-Seasonal Shearlings from butchered animals including lamb and goat
(Short-Napped Shearlings are used for babies and underneath bed-riden patients to prevent bed sores. Regular length shearlings are used for rugs, chairs, car seats and motorcycle seats- it always helps to cushion the ride)

Be sure to visit the Farm Store page to view all of our products.
100% Wool Products

-No poly or cotton fibers
-Wool blankets from sheep sheared in the spring (largely Old McCaskill's Farm sheep, softly brushed, machine washable, various colors)
-Wool Blankets come in 5 sizes from lap to queen
-Hand-knit Socks, Hats and Gloves
-Scarves and Shoulder Wraps
For a closer look at Old McCaskill's Farm, watch the streaming video from the May 25th, 2010 episode of SC ETV's "Making It Grow"
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Head on over to our Merits page to see our awards, certifications, and what organizations we are a part of.